2023 Pyramid Pints Club

January 6th, 2023

We are so excited to announce the new Pyramid Pints Club! As a member, you'll get your own numbered pint glass with the Pyramid logo and the current year. This pint glass stays at Pyramid until the next year. As a Pyramid Pints member, you'll get $1 off all beer and mixers, as well as member-only specials throughout the year! The cost to join is $50 and you must purchase your membership at Pyramid Event Venue. Phone and online orders are not accepted. We are starting with 40 members this year and at the moment we have 25 left. Hurry in and get yours before they are all claimed!

Do You Want a Healthier Pizza?

Craving pizza while keeping it low-carb? Look no further! Our cauliflower crust is a game-changer. It’s light, crispy, and packed with veggie goodness. Relish the perfect balance of flavors while maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

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Try our Gluten Free Crust

Savor the taste of a classic pizza without the gluten. Our specially crafted crust is gluten-free, ensuring a delightful treat for those with dietary restrictions. Enjoy every flavorful bite without compromising on taste or texture!